Early Years

Mataji was born, Harbhajan Kumari Jaswal, in Village Bham, Dist. Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India.

Mataji was not born as an enlightened soul, she however prayed from a very young age. In July of 1956, Mataji became very sick & feverish. She stayed in this condition for about 40days. It was during this time that Mataji obtained ascension and her "Kali Roop". Mataji faced many challenges during this time, her own father was convinced by the villagers that Mataji was possessed.

During this time, a young boy was born to Mataji's brother. Mataji predicted his birth prior. He became very near and dear to Mataji and was loving nicknamed "Jogi" (saint). The above picture shows Mataji holding Jogi in her lap while villagers can be seen in the back ground.

Mataji was challenged on numerous occasions to show her power by non-believers. The one narration that everyone talks about is the huge branch she broke of a large tree in behind the present day Mandir. It was a calm and sunny day, and Mataji asked that the scared cows that were under the tree to be removed out of harms way. Mataji then raised her and broke of a huge branch at the top of the tree.

The Villagers were in awe and shock at this display.

Every year during the Mela in Bham, Mataji would display her "Kali Roop". The thousands of people present would be able to get Mataji's darshan during this time.

Above is a picture of some of the setup before the Mela.